BETTER PLANET is member-owned environmental-paper co-op focused on becoming the most trusted and responsible “tree friendly” consumer paper brand in North America… conveniently delivered direct to your door.

BETTER PLANET is offering YOU one of the most customer friendly loyalty programs ever developed for a consumable necessity item. With your help and others we will become the most trusted environmental paper company in North America. We want you to see and enjoy all of the benefits on your phone and then quickly share with others to help us plant 100 million trees by the end of 2020.

Upon becoming a NEW PREMIER customer we offer ways for you to receive gifts, delicious food, fun events, trips and paper products delivered to your door for FREE if your open to sharing the BETTER PLANET Mission. Taller Trees is a 501C Non Profit Foundation that was started to uplift and support the great works that others have done before us. There are so many well thought of programs already in place around the world. We think of them as People with a Purpose and we support Better Planet thinking worldwide.

A PREMIER member agrees to automatic shipping, based on your own chosen schedule. Monthly, every other month or quarterly delivered to your door for FREE. Its so simple, if your order is over $39 per order or $150 per year or if you become a Co-Op ANNUAL member. (Personal and Business Memberships available) More 300 million people in America use paper products every single day. Do you think you could find 3 that might want to receive discounts, special gifts or receive it for FREE ? Of course you do. The average household spends over $300 per year on paper products, BETTER PLANET offers a Better solution and you can earn it all by just sharing our story. Click here to Register.

As they share the story you earn free monthly food, FREE movie passes, free local and statewide events and park passes and wonderful weekend vacations or cruises.

Remember for each order we plant from 1-20 trees in the National or State parks here in America. You can also earn by offering gift cards, tree planting cards too.

Enroll now Choose a delivery schedule. Share with others.

Save up to $2,000 a year as a small business too.

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