Better Planet Paper Co Op is dedicated to a few basic tenets we would love millions of families like yours to adopt.

We seek to inform humankind about alternative energy sources, organic family farming, game changing consumer products and we choose to focus on sustainable paper to begin our journey. We can all positively impact the planet by switching paper companies. Change Your Brands, Change your World.

We encourage families, like yours to have fun making memories in amazing natural settings that have been reserved for us but forgotten because of technology. We want families and friends to go out and get wet jumping in clean blue waters, get dirty on a shady trail in the hills, climb some trees, see more sunsets and sunrises and listen to what the forest has to say. There is a deep spiritual need for humans to get their feet on the earth. Please take your shoes off and go barefoot a bit more often.

We share, educate and incentivize the world to make conscious, wise environmental brand decisions that will help the planet to begin to rebuild itself from all massive destruction. Governmental ignorance, corporate greed and third world expansion foolishly destroys our natural resources to make way for what many see as progress. With most progress comes needed education, there are better ways. Please join us as we help better this planet one household at a time.

Because we cannot do this all by ourselves, we want your help. We are organizing various groups within Better Planet to help us. We will be looking for volunteers to join other team members in various areas such as community involvement, online social education and webinars, national park concierge and government awareness.

As an Environmental Co Op we want to offer many ways for people to use their skills, knowledge and passion to help our members; as well as, develop valuable relationships and new friendships. We welcome all members from diverse backgrounds and interests to bind together like different threads on a rope increasing the strength of the group.

We are introducing an amazing phone app that connects our member audience and new customers to our activities and events. You will love how much fun we will all have as we develop the tribe across North America and around the world. Playing games, contests, rewards and conservation meet ups.

Change YOUR brand, Change YOUR World!

Better Planet Co Op
Paper with a Purpose, People with a Plan.