People with a Purpose
Taller Trees is a 501C Non Profit Foundation that was started to uplift and support the great works that others have done before us. There are so many well thought of programs already in place around the world. We think of them as People with a Purpose and we support Better Planet thinking worldwide.
Changing Brands can Change the World
It was our decision that expending energy and time to set up a detailed internal program would use funds that could better be utilized by organizations several years more mature and streamlined. The idea of TALLER TREES is to water those before us. They have taken root, they have blossomed and now they are beginning to produce fruit. We want to add well needed nutrients to expand the branches and reach of such great organizations. We desire to raise millions of dollars in annual funds to support such great causes. We hope that you will be inspired and help us.
Small Local Act, Big Global Impact
Each time you support and promote the purchase of products and services at Better Planet Paper and its suppliers and partners we will be planting trees to impact our planet and support our National Parks. At check out we give customers an opportunity to add funds to the purchase to support the various causes. Organizations like American Forests, Ten Trees, and Keeping Seminole Beautiful are organizations that we are supporting in 2017. Each has earned a national, international and local reputation to have a positive impact on their desired environmental endeavors. By partnering with larger more established organizations we can offer member and community involvement as we grow our customer base.

We will seek additional partners in the months and years ahead. Feel free to send us your environmental suggestions so that our foundation board can assess and contact the organizations that fit our criteria. In the meantime, thank you for seeking to make a difference in your neighborhood.
Environmental Organizations we support
To contact us, offer ideas, suggestions or just to learn more….
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