Forest-Friendly Paper Products
BETTER PLANET Paper Co-op is proud to offer you in the near future a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly paper products proudly made in the USA. There are many types of brands to buy at the store, few are recycled or sustainable and most our bleached and detrimental to the forests.

National brands are constantly confusing you on prices, packaging, sheet count and quality. Not all paper is equal.

We offer paper with a purpose. You get to choose reforestation over deforestation because we plant trees in the US forest with every order. Become nature Neutral and order today.
YOU’RE here ahead of America!
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Better Planet Co Op Advantages

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We look forward to offering humankind recycled, sustainable pine products, and introducing bamboo, hemp and other options as they present themselves. Best part is we are offering a way to get your entire families bottoms wiped FREE every single month by encouraging 3 other sensible people to order our forest friendly products as preferred paper co-op members.

We are currently exploring a variety of potential soft colors and customized solutions for the 3rd quarter of 2017. Start making a difference today... you can be part of a Better Planet too!
This should be the last paper products you ever pay for!
Place an order, we plant a tree. Enroll 3 others get it free!
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