The Peoples Paper… Wipe away your expenses...
The Idea behind Better Planet Paper Co Op was for Customer Members to benefit from the sales and promotion of the paper products and partnerships.

We are planting trees with each order and helping the National and State parks. For that to occur it is important to know where the funds come from.
Public Paper Companies take care of their stock holders and executives.
Dozens of companies generate collectively billions of dollars in paper sales over several categories. Proctor and Gamble a very respected 100 year old company controls over 40% of the US sales of paper products. That is impressive indeed. In order to accomplish such a massive market share they must spend hundreds of millions of dollars on advertising, paying ad agencies, TV channels, bill boards, digital marketing firms, pay per click advertising on places like Google and of course the actors often used as well. Let us not forget the unlimited supply of coupon offers. That costs a bunch of cash. Honestly, most of it is almost impossible to track to the end sale because products are on store shelves everywhere.

We have a much better plan that involves millions of households.
We compensate YOU and our other loyal members for using and sharing our paper Products
We want to pay our collective co-op members tens of millions of dollars a year sharing our story and have them all receiving rewards for becoming and remaining a loyal customer. It’s a choice. You get to vote with your dollars what values matter. Change YOUR brand, Change YOUR world. Economically.
We have a few ways to save and earn.
Based on your own participation. You reap what you sow...
Premier Customers agree to a subscription of $35 or more.

  1. Save up to $1000 a year. Save from 10-20%, Delivered to your door even receive it FREE.

  2. Receive Rewards up to $1200 a year referring other subscribers.

  3. We have an amazing Members Dashboard and Patronage Rewards redemption center

If all you ever did was enroll 3 customers that do the same you’re way ahead!
Premier Co Op Members pay $50 to be a Co-Op member and have 3 enrolled Subscribers.

  1. Members receive a NEW member Welcome Kit in the mail.

  2. Members enjoy the benefit of giving away $5-10.00 gift cards as incentives

  3. Members EARN revenue and quarterly dividends in addition to savings and rewards

  4. Members issued bank card after YOU enroll 3. We pay up to 36 times a year on the card.

  5. Receive dividends twice a year based on purchases and personal customer referrals

  6. Earn up to an additional $3600 a year within 4 referral levels enrolling Subscriber customers.

  7. Earn much more if you choose to keep sharing the story. Plant a Tree, Grow a Forest.

What if you want to save and earn more than $400 a month? Want more, share more…
We now reward you based on your own participation and results. We base those results on how many customers you have personally enrolled that are actively ordering and how many different customer sales are being generated by those customers and how many trees those customers are contributing towards that the Taller Tree Foundation can plant. Here is example.
Monthly Preferred Customer Bonus
With each reoccurring subscription order we calculate, accumulate and pay distributions monthly. Members can earn up to 3 generations (not levels) of same class influencers. For members to qualify customers must have placed an order in the previous 2 calendar months.
We want everyone to earn rewards on 3 levels of customer subscribers. This is based on total sales made during any calendar month.

Qualification is based on having an order during the past 2 calendar months. The computer looks up all orders, calculate patronage points per order and places report in your back office. This is paid the 2nd calendar Friday each month, usually between the 9th-14th.
Change YOUR Brand, Change YOUR World ENROLL 3 and YOURS is FREE
Everyone Wipes!