We understand that attracting your business is often about curiosity but keeping your business is about honoring a value proposition that consistently earns your business and enthusiastic endorsement. We desire to become the most trusted environmental paper company in the world, with your help.

Nearly everyone wipes, everyday.
They wipe something:

Playful Pets, Dirty Kids, Messy Counters,and lots and lots of different sized tushys.

Moms and messy people everywhere, love us!


Together, our Potential is staggering.

We have a long way to go, because we are just getting started. Come help us enroll at least 3. There are no shortage of people in America to share our story with. After all, Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, never paid you to play on their FREE phone Apps. We have a way to monetize your mobile experience by helping our national and state parks.

We are simply offering a product nearly everyone uses. They can receive it free each and every month saving over $400 a year or more in paper consumption. We call it ONE, TWO, FREE!

BETTER PLANET is a grass roots environmental service organization that incentivizes people with prizes to purchase forest-friendly paper products that create a sustainable world.
By providing home delivery of competitively priced and diverse biodegradable paper products that contribute to reforestation, BETTER PLANET provides consumers an economical and convenient opportunity to become part of the solution through responsible consumption.
The Ability to become not just a consumer but more importantly a "Prosumer" and produce a net benefit to the planet with each purchase of paper. As we grow you will have much to choose from.

BETTER PLANET sources the highest quality recycled fiber or sustainable paper products from the most respected vendors in North America. We are searching around the globe to introduce other products your local store will never provide. We save you time, and help save the planet.

BETTER PLANET rewards each pro-active customer by planting one to ten trees for all of our customers that subscribe to purchase BETTER PLANET products. We want to offer an opportunity for our members to participate and help organizations revitalize parks, playgrounds and trails too.

In partnership with the some of the biggest Forest Industry institutions such as the American Forests Foundation, and National Forests 501C. BETTER PLANET makes paper consumption part of reforestation efforts with our emphasis on National and State parks in the continental US.

Respected outdoor brands such as REI, Patagonia & Coleman use these same organizations in their tree growing partnerships. The larger the order, the more trees we plant each quarter.

Incentive: BETTER PLANET =
Better Opportunity for a Healthier America

BETTER PLANET empowers consumers to take responsibility for their own consumption in a practical way and reverse our own families' damage to the environment, while saving money in the process. You have a choice to spend with large companies focused on profits for share holders or making a sincere impact that you can measure daily on your phone.

BETTER PLANET created a Small Business and Charity Program, partnered with Co Op Networks comprised of likeminded people who participate not only in consumption but who profit from creativity by:

  • Marketing of the products, sharing on social media services.
  • Growth of the Customer base via our member Co Op Networks.
  • Reforestation of the planet and fund raising for local charities.

BETTER PLANET educates and motivates Customer and Affiliate Networks with essential information and sense of mission, while at the same time incentivizing action and consumption through incentives through our Mobile Co-Op such as:

Contests, Rewards, and Prizes for enrolling and retaining customers.

Mobilizing social activities to grow the network by subscribing new Customers and Affiliates to BETTER PLANET Networks. State of the art gamification reward system.

Market Size of The US Paper Industry –
A "Consumable Necessity"

US consumer paper industry annual sales exceeds $20 billion in size.
Toilet paper is a $6 billion dollar market with over 1 billion rolls consumed monthly.
The paper industry is growing in size with Luxury and Environmental Brands growing at the highest rate around the world. In North America that industry is in its infancy.

Challenge: Irresponsible, Irreversible Paper

According to National Geographic, 270,000 trees a day are "dumped into facilities or flushed," toilet paper alone accounting for more than 27,000 trees a day. Better Planet can reverse that.
Every day more than 100,000 acres of trees are destroyed.
More than 68 million trees are consumed in the US alone to make paper products.
The US is the world's biggest consumer of paper products. US consumption of paper products has increased to 208 million tons, and growing 2-3% each year.
Every American consumes more than 500 pounds of paper, spending nearly $400 each year.
Of the global wood harvest, 42% goes to the production of paper products. We can slow it down.

Responsible, Renewable Consumption

By providing home delivery of competitively priced biodegradable paper products that contribute to reforestation, BETTER PLANET provides consumers an economical and convenient opportunity to become part of the solution through responsible consumption.

Beginning with an essential paper product Americans use every day—toilet paper and paper towels.

BETTER PLANET provides online ordering and home delivery of a paper product used by every demographical group of customers. Let’s face it, nearly everyone wipes.

BETTER PLANET sources the highest quality paper products from the most respected vendors in North America. In the near future we will offer, tissue paper, napkins, paper cups, plates and more.

BETTER PLANET Co Op provides our customers:

  • Luxury branded Forest Friendly paper product options,
    New Types such as Hemp, Bamboo and Sugarcane fibers.
  • Competitive pricing and a pathway to get it free
  • Ease of Acquisition (home delivery), Mobile Ordering.
  • Mobilization of a growing popular sense that "something must be done!"
  • Consumer empowerment to leave the planet better than we found it.

Timing: Why Now?
Major Convergence of Trends

"Environment" has not always been a positive word for the American consumer, once thought to be synonymous with toilet paper full of wood chips, rough and uncomfortable as the granola “tree huggers” ate for breakfast. We make conscious decisions daily that have an impact on the planet.

As an environmental Mobile Co Op people get excited.

As the media has made a new generation of consumers increasingly aware of the global crisis of deforestation and its effects on everything from potable water to a breathable climate, consumers have become more enthusiastic for "solutions" that do not require them to moderate their lifestyles.

Americans are keenly aware that the government is not going to protect our waterways, our national parks our fisheries and our air at the rate and level we deserve. Its time we all take action locally to impact things globally. Indeed we can make a huge contribution to the forests while we buy something we need. Prosumerism is here. Parents want to be a part of the solution for their kids. We have a convergence of massive demographic trends. 50 million baby boomers turning 60 in the next decade, one every 7 seconds. As they age, they will drive less and less and enjoy getting more and more items delivered to their homes. They are more mobile and digital centered then ever.

Millennials are taking action and dominating the mobile market place of the future. The ability to share ideas, opinions, images and special moments has never been greater and its why world class brands are formed within a couple of years instead of decades. We live in a digital world.

100 million adults are members of various commerce clubs and Co Ops nationwide with 60 million members at Costco and 75 million at Amazon and millions more at Walmart, REI Outdoor gear and others. People enjoy being part of something. Celebrities, and local officials and smart companies want to align with companies of principal and purpose. We are the type of organization to align with. We are asking for your trust and your business. Give us a try.

Make it the last paper products you ever have to pay for. After all someone shared it with you.

We can make a Better Planet together.
Change YOUR brand, Change YOUR World!